Facial, Skin and Hair Rejuvenation


Michael's focus on dental aesthetics led to the exploration of facial aesthetics in 2005. A clear understanding of the importance of facial harmony and the balance between an attractive smile and beautiful facial features means that he has mastered the art of facial rejuvenation.  Thousands of delighted patients have been treated over the years.


Plasma Rich Fibrin technology is also used for Hair, Skin and Facial Rejuvenation. This is using the "goodness" from your blood and re-introducing it into your skin and hair follicles. Rejuvenation doesn't get any more natural than this!!! 

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Michael only uses Botox by Allergan and not cheaper alternatives.  


Botox works by temporarily blocking the signals from the nerves to the muscles so that the muscles are more relaxed.  This in turn gives you a more youthful and less tired appearance.


Botox works best on the upper half of the face to help smooth lines arounf the frown, forehead and eyes.


However Botox can be administered in the lower half of the face too.  This can help with softening "down-turned" lips, lessening square jaws etc.


Michael customises his treatment to each individual patien depending on muscle strength and position.  This is very important to achieve optimum results.  Results last between 3-6 months

Dermal Fillers


Dermal fillers are used often in combination with Botox treatment.


Dermal Fillers are excellent at removing lines at almost any site on the face including frown, forehead, eyes and the face.  Dermal Fillers are frequently used for restoring cheek volume, enhancing the lips and rebalancing the facial features to regain the volume lost due to the ageing process or loss of weight.


A detailed understanding of facial anatomy is extremely important to achieve the perfect result as well as carrying out the treatment is a safe fashion.


Only Allergan's Juvederm range of fillers are used due to their advanced filler technology and safety profile over the past 25 years.  Results last between 9-18 months