White Fillings


White fillings or "tooth-coloured fillings" as Michael prefers calling them is a relatively straightforward way of transforming the look of your teeth.  Amalgam fillings, metal fillings or black fillings as some patients describe them, are detrimental to the overall aesthetics of your teeth.


When Tooth-coloured fillings are done well, you should not be able to see where the filling is.  Many dentists don't tell you this, but there are different filling materials, shades and colours to match the different layers of a tooth.  Very often 3 or 4 different shades are required to restore a tooth as aesthetically as possible.  Most dentists only use one shade to fill the whole cavity and whilst the result in most cases are satisfactory, it is not perfect.  Michael believes that the appropriate shade/colour should be used so that the result is as aesthetic as possible.  Hence, the use of "tooth-coloured fillings" rather than "white fillings".